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Product of Bairrada's chalky terroir, these wines express in a unique way the characteristics of the soil from where it originates.

Deriving from indigenous varieties and centenary vineyards planted in poor and stony soils, it is produced in total commitment with nature. In the end, we get wines with no masks, authentic, structured, elegant and complex, full-fledged with individuality and character.

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Centennial vineyards, full of native varieties, where the Baga and Maria Gomes predominate, planted in stony and poor soils, the raw material is scarce, but extremely precious. The chalky nature soils, that allow the development of unique and unmistaken wines, help the retention of natural acidity and, conveying freshness and minerality, contribute for the authenticity, singularity and complexity of the final product.

Bairrada is a wine region, just right outside the university city of Coimbra, located between the Atlantic coast and, the neighbor countryside region, Dão. Is characterized by rainy winters and mild summers, with a climate heavily influenced by the sea. The soils range from sandy to clayey and chalky, which allows it the ability to produce wines in different styles. Classified as a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) region, it stands out by the unparalleled reds, however, is also known and renowned by its fresh and mineral whites as well as the high quality sparkling wines.


It´s an entrepreneurial project that has as main focus the recovery of old traditional vineyards (saving them from being uprooted) and the production of authentic wines.

Thus it borns the solo project, in chalky nature soils, reminding GIZ (chalk).

The willing to produce my own wine lead me to develop a project in the Bairrada region, which I consider one of the best regions in the world to produce high quality wines.

Luís Gomes



Vinhas Velhas - Red

Deriving from Baga variety from centenary vineyards planted in poor and stony soils, after ageing in French oak barrels for 20 months, we get a wine plenty of elegancy and complexity.

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Vinhas Velhas - White

Deriving from indigenous varieties planted in centenary vineyards close to Atlantic Ocean, this white wine is enhanced, by the chalky soils, in its mineral characteristics elevating the freshness and elegance of it.

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Vinhas Velhas - Rosé

Deriving from Baga variety from centenary vineyards, after aging in old French oak barrels for 10 months, we get a wine that combines seduction, lightness and finesse with character, depth, strength and an assertive "mouthfeel".

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Cuvée de Noirs Brut Nature

Deriving from Baga variety from centenary vineyards, and after aging in its lees for a minimum of 30 months before dégorgement, this wine expresses in a unique way the characteristics of the chalky soils from where it originates.

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